A new word in agri derivatives trading in Ukraine! AgroBrokBot trading system implements a new user interface for building market makers strategies

AgroBrokBot offers a new agile user interface to the traders who operates with market makers strategies.
Now you don`t need to spent much time on working with every particular order.need to spent much time on working with every particular order. The set of orders can be generated within AgroBrokBot trading system by a prompt uploading and smart data processing from excel files. After that, the smart matching of orders will do all the work for you.

«During 2 month of operations of AgroBrokBot, we`ve felt a very strong demand from leading traders of agricultural commodities for a so called “advanced” interface to build market makers strategies for agricultural commodities swaps, -- noted Andrey Bobyshev, CEO of UCC. - Ironically that we have such sophisticated and innovation oriented traders in Ukraine and don`t have local infrastructure for advanced exchange trading.

For this reason, we upgraded AgroBrokBot by adding a new“market maker interface” which allows to create a set of orders immediately, both call and put, and profit by charging spreads. We hope that you will enjoy it».

To receive an access to the market maker interface, please contact our support team: