First deal on Black Sea Corn futures with clearing on CME was done through AgroBrokBot trading system.

AgroBrokBot released a new product – now you can trade cleared futures:

Black Sea Wheat Futures (BWF) and Black Sea Corn Futures (BCF) through ABB trading system.

"Over the past few months, we have observed a lot of late payments and certain defaults on bilateral swaps, which have almost frozen the market of agricultural swap contracts. Both international and local traders face with non-payments from their counterparties and it may result in a number of litigations, - stated CEO of "UCC" Company Andrey Bobyshev. – Given this, we`ve tried to solve this problem by transferring all SWAPs operations within our system under the regulation of the ISDA Master Agreement, which is recognized worldwide.

Read an article: Implementation of new legal documentation for swaps based on ISDA Master Agreement and Credit Support Annex (CSA).

Several our clients have shown their interest to use superior ABB matching platform in order to trade CME cleared contracts. We thank CME for prompt response to our initiative and cooperation. We are proud to present to the market BCF and BWF matching in ABB".

On Jan 23rd, 2019, two leading grain-trading companies concluded a deal on Black Sea Corn futures through AgroBrokBot trading system. The contract size is 250 MT.

The core value of BWF and BCF trading through the AgroBrokBot terminal consists in avoidance of credit risks, anonymity of transactions, user-friendly interface, automatic and instant matching of orders, as well as direct integration with CME Direct system, which serves as a platform for providing clearing of transactions.

Moreover, the use of the AgroBrokBot trading system is more profitable than the traditional ways of searching for counterparties and registration of transactions - the commission fee is only 0,2 USD/MT of the transaction volume.

To start trading futures through ABB simply follow the few steps:

The list of clearing organizations is available on CME website:

Pass a verification to become a member of ABB.

AgroBrokBot is an innovative trading platform for agricultural commodities derivatives and delivery contracts launched by Ukraine Commodity Clearing (UCC), operating as a chat-bot in Viber messenger and providing matching of orders, trade confirmations, MTM reports, market depth monitoring and many other options.

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